Wireless Solutions

Coverage Enhancement Solutions

  • Customised Innovative Coverage Solutions
  • Proven Design and Deployment Expertise  
  • Comprehensive Solutions Portfolio

At RFI we understand that with the number of devices in the Australian market place growing year on year, and an increasing dependence on mobile application technology by the end customer, mobile & WiFi data traffic is growing rapidly, putting significant pressure across these networks.

Because of this explosion in technology and the take-up of associated services, mobile carrier and WiFi networks face an immediate and ongoing challenge to meet the capacity needs of their customers.

It is important to ensure that your network is keeping pace with the ongoing growth in data traffic, and to make sure you have the capacity and performance where it is needed most, to deliver quality customer experience.

RFI can deliver a ready to deploy in-building solutions for your communications network.


RFI has a proven track record of success across a diverse portfolio of projects. Our Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems group has delivered over 1,000 systems to carriers and building contractors nationwide, including networks for:

  • Stadiums
  • Shopping Centres
  • Multi-story office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

RFI has also designed and deployed tunnel Radio Rebroadcast Systems and GRN/Private Radio Network solutions both in conjunction with the cellular networks, or as stand-alone systems across Australia and New Zealand.

Whatever your enhanced coverage solution requirements, RFI has the ability to deliver:

  • Customised Innovative Coverage Solutions
  • Proven Design and Deployment Expertise
  • Comprehensive Solutions Portfolio

RFI can deliver a converged solution for your communications network. Make sure your network is keeping up – with the capacity and performance it needs today and into the future.


In-Building Coverage and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Solutions

RFI is a specialist technology solutions (IBC/Small Cell/BTS) and managed services provider. Our customers operate within the  telecommunications, military, mining and construction industries and benefit significantly from RFI’s 30+ years in the wireless communications industry. At RFI we pride ourselves on delivering high quality outcomes to our customers, as we are experts in both network design and deployment of In Building Communications (IBC) Systems including:

  • RF Planning/Consulting
  • RF Data Collection/Network Auditing
  • Network Design, Deployment & Maintenance
  • BTS Integration and Technical Support
  • Alarm Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Carrier Liaison & Authority Compliance

RFI has the ability to deliver a comprehensive turnkey service in all areas, and our experienced teams liaise through our extensive relationships with Carrier and Telco authorities to ensure solution compliance and quality assurance. Our in-house team of experienced RF engineering & project management personnel have the design expertise, build experience and industry connections needed to deliver exceptional IBC solutions. RFI will deliver projects within  agreed programme timelines, on budget and with acceptance by the relevant authority. RFI has a full range of approved DAS products and technology solutions, these include a full range of RFI manufactured passive components as well as active equipment through our mature vendor partnerships, including:

  • BTI
  • Andrew / Commscope
  • Zinwave


These vendor agnostic partnerships ensure we are able to service any IBC cellular, land mobile, paging, telemetry or WLAN network deployment. We provide competitively priced access to components ranging from passive cable and antennas through to DSPbR, Active PA & Small Cell BTS.

Delivered Projects
Underground Coverage
Cable Installed

Channelised Solutions

The world is increasingly focused on security and safety, which makes it critical to have robust radio communications systems in place for the day-to-day running of many businesses and especially in emergency situations.

RFI has many standout solutions in this area including its flagship DSPbR (Digital Signal Processor Repeater). This technology has been designed and manufactured from first principles by RFI’s Australian based research and development team and has proven its reliability in the field over many years.

The DSPbR offers greater functionality than standard BDA’s. The unit’s flexibility in programming makes it suitable for a range of network coverage requirements including:

  • In-building Communications
  • Government Radio Networks
  • Tunnels
  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Outdoor radio applications

Key differentiators of this purpose-built technology are:

  • ACMA & FCC approved
  • Number of possible channels (384+)
  • Modulation technology agnostic
  • High power per channel (Able to produce BTS equivalent signal footprints)
  • MCPA mode feature (Multi-Channel Power Amplifier)
  • Frequency translating capability

Small Cells

The introduction of small cell technology into the communications sector has revolutionised the way coverage enhancement is delivered. This is particularly true within American markets where competition is strong and there is less appetite to cooperate with other competing carriers on infrastructure sharing. Small Cell Technology is one of the most cost effective solutions to provide targeted carrier-centric network access to areas with poor coverage and/or high capacity requirements.

Small Cells are particularly ideal in heavily populated areas where large concentrations of users often inundate the network. This is an issue in the following environments.

  • Tram/Light Rail
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Stadiums
  • Special Events


RFI has a complete range of Small Cell solutions available for deployment and an experienced engineering team who will ensure a quality design and maximum benefit from the technology.

Enterprise Converged Wireless Networks

RFI is at the leading edge of Converged Wireless Networks – an emerging technology that offers a broadband solution that truly converges voice, data and Internet of Things.

This solution is ideal for campus style networks to serve a large number of people with a large and diverse number of devices – providing ubiquitous coverage of (data, voice and IoT) – without cost prohibitive network infrastructure costs.

RFI is poised and ready to design and integrate an Enterprise Converged Wireless LTE Network..

M2M & IoT with Maxon Solutions

“This acquisition is an exceptional fit for RFI, adding to our technology solutions portfolio by providing us with the technology and resources to progress our plans in the M2M and IoT solutions space”- Scott Magee, RFI’s CEO.

Maxon Australia continues to maintain a reputable position in the Australian market as a leader of innovative wireless solutions to an enviable list of corporate and industrial clients. Maxon is a specialist company that has been at the forefront of design and manufacture within the RF and Cellular Device market in Australia, especially in the M2M market segment. Maxon has developed its business model over the past decades from being a provider of two way and RF data radio technology, modems and routers and presently 3G & 4G technologies in an ever evolving landscape of device offerings for both the corporate and industrial markets. As our range broadens Maxon is confident that we continue to meet the requirements of most industry sectors that utilise M2M capabilities. Our customers work closely with us so that we can provide custom solutions to meet their requirements.


RFI partners with vendors, service providers, carriers and the construction industry to deliver high quality communications projects and maintenance services delivered within budget and project expectations. Our particular expertise in the design, supply and deployment of IBC solutions has delivered more than 1000+ projects to date.

Material Handling & Staging Solutions

RFI is an experienced turnkey solution integration partner with exceptional capability in staging and material handling. Our warehouse teams work closely with both the customer and RFIs project team to meet critical timelines and ensure successful delivery. RFI has warehouse facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and our services include :-

  • Long & Short term stocking of Free-Issue-Material (FIM) & Customer Assets
  • Product assembly, handling, and packing
  • Equipment configuration, staging, and testing
  • Inventory management
  • Nationwide distribution
  • Project Consignment

RFI is a trusted partner in the Telecommunications industry, and our national warehouses hold FIM and/or project staging for some of Australia’s major Telco Carriers and Government Agencies to ensure cost effective and efficient deployment of their projects, whether via RFI installation teams or 3rd party installation agreements with the end users.

Operation and Maintenance

RFI has an experienced team of RF engineers, project managers and field personnel with the capability to audit networks, report and provide our customers with the information they need to make well informed decisions on everything from system performance to where resources should be spent.   RFI can offer a tailor-made maintenance plan which will ensure reliable response times and uplift in network performance. Our teams have significant experience in maintenance and engineering analysis, and have proven methodologies for optimising networks. Below are just some of the services we offer

  • Ticketing Systems
  • 24 Hour Call Centre
  • NOC Facilities Technical Training
  • Logistics Services
  • Field Maintenance
  • Managed Services

Project Consignment & Logistics

At RFI we understand the need for material logistics to run seamlessly when successfully deploying a project. Whether our customers require pre-termination of cabling or disciplined accountancy and consignment of the necessary solution elements, our warehouse teams and systems are robust and will ensure the best opportunity for an uninterrupted deployment. Our teams will work closely with all project stakeholders to provide the most efficient and effective logistics service.