Future Of Intelligent Road Infrastructure

The SA Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure working to find smarter, more efficient way to move people and goods across the Adelaide roads network developed AddInsight, a system based network of Bluetooth receivers to monitor the performance of the roads network in real time.

These receivers pick up Bluetooth signals from devices in passing vehicles such as mobile phones or hands free kits.  The system then calculates how long it takes for these devices to pass between two Bluetooth receivers, giving travel time for that road segment. The RFI TLA4100 antenna is being used as the Bluetooth receivers used by AddInsight.  The TLA4100 is a fully ruggedized antenna designed for use in high impact environments.

With over 400 Bluetooth receivers in place continuously monitoring 1200 road segments the traffic management centre can monitor the performance of complete Adelaide road network. One of the major benefits of this system is that it has low set up costs and uses existing communications infrastructure.