Dear RFI Valued Customer,

It is with great excitement that we advise you of some of the changes we have undertaken at RFI.
We successfully launched our new IT system (ORACLE NetSuite) on the 1st December 2018 and as expected it has already started to have a significant and positive impact across many areas of our business – from the way we take and manage orders, to the way we ship from our distribution centre and to the way we invoice customers.

If you have not noticed any material change in doing business with us then our team has been successful in ensuring a smooth transition, as we have gone to every effort to minimise any impact. If you have experienced some disruption and issues, we sincerely apologise and promise to do better in the future.

It is prudent at this time to perhaps outline some of the changes that have occurred:

Centralised Banking

RFI takes its responsibility for Privacy & Confidentiality obligations seriously. To ensure tighter controls over customer data, one of the changes that have occurred in our system upgrade is the consolidation of our bank accounts.
Please check to see if you have received an email with these banking details. If you haven’t received an email, please contact us 1300 000 734 (1300 000 RFI) and we can arrange for this email to be sent to you.

Invoices and Statements

RFI wants to ensure that the appropriate counter-parties receive the correct items & documents. Moving forward our invoices will no longer be sent with our products upon delivery -instead, all invoices and statements will only be emailed to your nominated secure email address.

Our new system means that your RFI invoices and Customer Statements will be emailed with a different format and from a different source. Please note the new email source:

“RFI Accounts Receivable (<

Depending on your company’s email filter setting, our email may unintentionally be forwarded to your spam/junk email box. Could you kindly check and ensure that these emails are unblocked from your spam/junk emails.

Please click the link below to view samples of our ‘new look’ documents – quotation, purchase order acknowledgment and invoice.  While the forms will look different, the content remains largely the same. Please look them over and take note of any changes that could impact your business processes.

As always, the RFI team is here to help. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support and business. If you have any feedback or if you experience any issues, please contact our Customer Experience Team at 1300 000 734 (1300 000 RFI) and they will be pleased to help you resolve any concerns.