Introducing Our 4G SIM & MODEM BUNDLE PACK Powered By Vodafone

For solar inverter connections in locations where Wi-Fi is not available and hard-line ethernet connectivity is not a feasible option. RFI’s Solar Connectivity Solution combines the MA-2055 modem with an LTE SIM, providing complete out of the box access to the 3G and 4G network.

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RFI’s SIM & Modem Bundle Packs

Our solution contains a Modem, SIM and a data plan to suit your client’s needs.

Maxon Dualmax Dual SIM Ethernet Router

RFI’s SIM and Modem Bundle Pack Contents

1x     Pre-configured MA-2055 modem pack
1x     2FF MINI SIM
1x     Ethernet Cable
1x     GPO plug pack
2x     SMA Antennas
2x     DIN Rail Bracket
1x     6 PIN Phoenix Connector

Modem Specification

Dimensions 108 x 90 x 26 mm (4.25 x 3.54 x 1.02 inch)
Case + Weight Metal, 271g
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Relative Humidity 0% to 95% (non-condensing) at 25°C/77°F
Mounting DIN or wall mount (included)
Power Input Connector 2-pin with 5.08 mm terminal block
Input Voltage  9-4Md8 VDC 
Power Consumption Typical 1.9 W, Max 2.4
SIM Type 2FF Mini SIM
LED Indicators 1 × Power, 1 × System, 1 × SIM, 3 × Signal strength
Ingress Protection IP30
Ports 2 × RJ-45, 1 × WAN + 1 × LAN or 2 × LAN
Frequency 4G B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28
Frequency 3G B1/B2/B5/B8
Antenna  X2 2dBi SMA mag base antennas, 1 main, 1 diversity multiband 700-2100MHz

Solar Bundles

RFI have developed a range of data plans to suit all your customer’s requirements. Giving you the power to choose from leading carriers, the data plan duration and backed by the industrial power of the MA-2055 Modem.

*SIMs are IoT ACL restricted SIM cards and can only transact data, not calls or SMS for more information see the FAQ. Optus roaming capabilities are included in certain plans. See your plan details for more information. 

Not sure what Bundle Pack is the best for your solution?

 RFI’s dedicated customer experience team will be able to guide you in the right direction.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What networks can I access with my Bundle Pack? 

RFI offers two levels of service for our Bundle Packs, Vodafone only reception, or Vodafone plus Optus reception.  

How do I know if the Bundle Pack will work at my installation location? 

RFI’s Bundle Packs have the option of Vodafone Network or Vodafone plus Optus Network access. 

If you are unsure of the reception at your installation location, Network coverage can be checked through the below links: 

*Please note that RFI is not responsible for maintaining, updating, or validating the information on the above link. RFI takes no responsibly for the validity of this information and the links are listed as a guide only. 

What monitoring portals are the 4G SIM and Modem Bundle Packs compatible with? 

RFI Verified Portals:


RFI Verified Portals:

Portal or inverter brand not listed above? Call RFI’s dedicated customer experience team to discuss. 

What is the length of my plan? 

RFI’s Bundle Pack data plans are for one year. At the end of each year the plan can be renewed.

How is the IoT SIM included in RFI’s 4G SIM and Modem Bundle Packs different from other SIM cards? 

  • No call, no SMS. These SIMs are specialised for data only applications. 
  • Hosted on a private network with an Access Control List (ACL). 
  • Due to the ACL, the IoT SIMS cannot access the wider Internet, they can only access websites that have been specifically allowed by RFI. 
  • Hosted on the Vodafone dedicated IoT Network for a more robust service. 


Why is the IoT SIM included in RFI’s 4G SIM and Modem Bundle Pack the perfect solution for inverter monitoring? 

  • Increased security due to the ACL. 
  • Lower chance of phishing or hacking, lower chance of bill shock due to unauthorised access. 
  • The robust network due to the IoT core, means more uptime, and better support to keep you up and running.  
  • With RFI able to monitor, report and manage your service you always have the support you need. 

I am looking at making changes to my plan, what do I do? 

To discuss any changes to your existing 4G SIM and Modem Bundle Pack contact RFI’s dedicated customer experience team to talk about your needs.  

Who do I contact for support? 

For any questions, support, or further information RFI’s dedicated customer experience team will be able to guide you in the right direction.  

Are there any inverters that the 4G SIM and Modem Bundle Packs will not work with? 

The bundles will not work with SMA TL-30 inverters.

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