PRODUCT: SMARTMAX PRODUCT CODE: MA-2010 RELEASE VERSION: 1.5.0 RELEASE DATE: NOVEMBER 2016 We have now released new firmware for the Maxon Smartmax modem – an industry standard in serial point-to-multipoint wireless SCADA communications. The Smartmax can power up simple to advance M2M applications and enable secure two-way communications for numerous applications. The Smartmax modem is already providing proven remote monitoring, control, management and reporting applications.  Designed for reliable field performance and functionalities, the Smartmax allow solutions to deliver rapid, cost-effective deployment for any telemetry environment.

New Features in Smartmax Firmware release 1.5.0

  • Modem configuration web page redesigned to a more logical and intuitive layout
  • Added FTP upload for serial messages, I/O status, analogue inputs, Pulse Count, device temperature.
  • Added modem emulation function that allows the modem to transparently simulate CSD (“dial up”) serial connections while running in PSD (IP) mode.
  • Added AT over IP function.
  • Improved security of operation.
  • SSL connection for most modem functions such as telnet
  • Data limit control – once the pre-configured WAN data limit is reached, the modem will no longer send data over the WAN (no more bill shock!)
  • Reset button – previously, this would factory reset the device. Now, a “tap” simply resets the modem, while a 10 second hold-down performs the factory reset