Wireless Solutions

Utilities rely heavily on mission critical communications solutions. Whether it is enhancing worker safety out in the field, or improving the efficiency of day to day operations through enhanced wireless communication solutions.  Never before has voice and data solutions been more important for organisations.

Victorian Digital Smart Meter Project

RFI was chosen to provide the wireless communications in an Victoria’s electricity infrastructure upgrade to Digital Smart Meters. RFI was to provide a communications solution (@824MHz) that would enhance communications from digital smart meters through to the electricity distribution centres.

Gas Metering Solution

A NSW Gas supplier was required to install infrastructure including metering in a number of large apartment block developments across Sydney. Attaching a communications device to each meter in the building did not seem a logical option.

Energy Solutions

RFI has played a major role in providing Energy Solutions for major utilities across Australia.

Doomadgee, QLD 264kW
Doomadgee, QLD 264kW

Doomadgee 264kW Diesel Hybrid System

Working with Ergon Energy, RFI designed and project managed the remote, isolated Aboriginal community of Doomadgee QLD wind farm. This 264kW solar farm is expected to save around 115,000 litres of diesel each year for power generation to the local diesel grid.

Flinders Island Hybrid Project

Flinders Island Hybrid Energy Project

The Flinders Island Hybrid Energy project will significantly reduce the use and importation of expensive diesel fuel by up to 60 per cent. RFI was selected by Hydro Tasmania for the solar PV design and construction, which involves integration of solar generation with the existing diesel power station. “Diesel fuel remains the single largest expense in these remote energy systems and using renewable energy makes good economic sense”