Dear Installer,

Take advantage of the extra desk time to sharpen your Designer skills.

Get on the Designer platform, practice a few commercial solar designs and share them with us! You could be awarded

The SolarEdge executive team will award the SolarEdge equipment and Uber Eats vouchers for the new Designer submissions that demonstrate creativity and the effective use of new Designer features including:


  • Accurate elevations and roof pitches
  • Properly mapped out roof obstructions
  • Creative and efficient module placement
  • Compliant electrical designs
  • Any other creative or dynamic modelling approaches

The following resources may help you with some design functions

Don’t forget to use the help function within the site designer to access useful video and tech notes.

If you’re ready to begin, please access the Designer platform here.
To see how to share your design, watch this video.
Once your design is done, click submit now!