RFI is pleased to announce the introduction of DMR/MOTOTRBO™ and NEXEDGE™/iDAS™ Vehicle Repeaters. 

These new DMR/MOTOTRBO™ and NEXEDGE™/iDAS™ versions of the Pyramid Vehicle Repeaters have been added to our enhanced coverage solutions range.

What are the benefits of a Pyramid Vehicle Repeater?

SVR-N300 Series NXDN NEXEDGE™ iDAS™ Digital Vehicle Repeaters SVR-D300 Series DMR/MOTOTRBO™ Digital Vehicle Repeaters
  • Works with most Kenwood NEXEDGE™ and ICOM iDAS™ mobile radios
  • 1 or 2 Watt coverage
  • NSDN Smart Trunking™
  • NXDN Emergency Calls
  • 20 channels
  • ESP Multi Vehicle Format
  • Works with most DMR and MOTOTRBO™ radios
  • 2 Watt
  • DMR Smart Trunking™
  • DMR Emergency Calls
  • 20 channels
  • ESP Multi-Vehicle Format

A vehicle repeater allow two-way radio users extended coverage outside the vehicle without building out costly infrastructure.

  • Extended Coverage Range – Provides extended coverage around the vehicle. Capable to provide a coverage range of up to 10kms (or more)
  • No additional device required – Allows the user to use their existing portable handheld two-way radio as their communication device when they leave their vehicle
  • Automatically manage multiple vehicles – ensuring that multiple repeaters don’t interfere with each other when arriving at one incident location.
  • Ideal ‘suitcase’ or ‘trailer’ repeater – for applications such as Search and Rescue, Mining Surveying teams and Railway Maintenance crews.
  • Fixed installation capable – The repeater can also be used in a fixed installation to provide a level of in-building coverage for users using their existing portable handheld two-way radio, such as inside an electricity substation.

The Range

Both N300 Series and D300 Series are available in:

VHF: 136-174MHz
UHF “A”: 380-470MHz
UHF “D”: 450-520MHz
7/800MHz version of the NEXEDGE™/iDAS™ product is also available.

RFI also carries a complete range of P25 Pyramid Vehicle Repeaters, ensuring an available solution regardless of radio technology.