Sydney, Australia

RFI are excited to announce the release of our next generation mobile antennas: our Ultra Broadband Mobile antenna and our revolutionary 4G/LTE mobile antenna.

The product launch included the following solutions:

“Our advanced R&D team have produced a range of new mobile antennas that are truly global leading”, stated Ian Ferrett, a Product Manager at RFI.

Ultra Broadband Mobile Antennas

  • CD61 Series– Covering the entire 380-520 MHz frequency range
  • CD29 Series- Covering the entire 138-174 MHz frequency range

“Our CD61 and CD29 series antennas require no field-tuning, massively simplifying the installation process”, commented Ian Ferrett. “Also by being broadband, our customers are able to smoothly handle customer migration to higher or lower frequencies and have a product suitable for switching applications”.

The integrated matching circuit in these antennas is housed in a rugged, impact-resistant base for maximum durability with a fully moulded highly flexible whip. These antennas are designed to interface with standard PL259 (MBC) mobile mounts, facilitating existing installation upgrades.

4G/LTE Cellular Mobile Antennas

RFI are also pleased to announce the release of the CD7195 & CDQ7195 4G LTE cellular mobile antennas. Following on from the highly popular CD2195/CDQ2195 series, RFI has continued to develop their patented Meander™ radiating elements to create a product that suits global mobile networks and technologies. Specifically, this product has been designed to cater for 4G/LTE mobile networks, a high speed data technology increasingly used by Cellular carriers across the globe.

“We have developed a future-proof antenna solution that caters for the exciting new LTE innovations in our market”, stated Ian Ferrett. “We have achieved this without compromising on the quality and reliable Cellular solution our customers know and love”.

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