Our People

The RFI Team has always been the key to our success! Our values and culture are deeply engrained and fundamental to our long-term success.


Blue Sky

We Must Open Our Minds To New Ideas

At RFI we will look towards the future plan for new technologies and market trends. We look for innovative and creative solutions and listen openly to new ideas and opinions.

  • Look to future
  • No idea is too crazy
  • Look for innovative/creative ideas
  • Look for reasons why it ‘can work’
  • Look at New Technologies

Blue Ribbon

We Have To Nail It In Service & Quality

At RFI we put our customer first by listening and delivering to our customer’s needs. We work to deliver the best quality product and service – always. We will thoroughly investigate and work together to resolve issues. We will work safely at all times.

  • Care about the outcome
  • Listen to customer needs
  • Best quality product always
  • Communicate and investigate problems
  • Resolve issues with urgency
  • High Performance

True Blue

Integrity, Team Spirit & A Fair Go For all

We give our colleagues a ‘fair go’ and treat each other with respect. We speak openly and honestly and call each other out on poor behaviours. We celebrate team successes. We work hard, play hard, and have some fun.

  • Ethical and fair
  • Integrity and respect
  • Communicate openly
  • Celebrate team success
  • Have a go; persevere when things are tough