Congratulations to Mark Mezzapica, recipient of the ARCIA 2020 Jonathan Livingston Seagull Award

With more than 40 years of radio communications industry experience, Mark is a true embodiment of the Jonathan Livingston Seagull Award:

Someone who has risen above the flock – learned more and achieved greatness.

Someone who has taken the knowledge back to the community to help others better themselves

Mark’s extremely sharp scientific mind and high degree of imagination make him the peak industry and globally accredited expert in the field of antenna systems, RF transmission, PIM, multi-coupling, lightning protection and amplifier characterisation.

As Chief Technology Officer at RFI Technology Solutions, Mark has introduced systems and product improvements, leading a team of engineers in the development of new antennas and antenna systems.

Along his path Mark has co-authored six different patents, held countless seminars and mentoring programs, sharing his knowledge and passion for the industry with his peers, graduates, engineers and technicians, making him well-deserving of this award.

Mark Mezzapica with Ian Hyde at RFI Sydney, Head Office.










Mark is recognised in the Jan/ Feb 2021 Critical Comms Magazine! 

Click here, to download the article and search for page 15 to find Mark’s recognition.










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