LoRa Solutions

Deploying the RIGHT technology has never been as important as it is today. IoT and M2M connectivity applications continue to grow and so faced with a range of connectivity solutions, LoRa technology is one game-changing option to consider when building a next generation network.

LoRa (short for Long Range) enables very long range transmissions with low power consumption.

LoRa provides inexpensive, long-range connectivity for low powered IoT devices. Your LoRa network can be designed and installed as a standalone license free solution. These include non-mission critical applications such as smart agriculture, smart buildings, street lighting, asset tracking, logistics, solar monitoring and water monitoring.

Plug & Play Easy to implement a network, roll out when you need.
Future-proof technology available now Other protocols are years away from implementation, yet LoRa connected devices are ready now..
Lower Network costs Avoid costly network implementation if you don’t need a mission-critical solution. LoRa Terminals can be rolled out quickly and easily with no need to be tied to a particular operator or telecommunications carrier.
Ability for the terminal to act as a mesh LoRa Terminals can talk to eachother rather than having to talk back through a gateway.
License free Data in real-time with no service charges.
Resilient Technology LoRa’s protocol works well in a noisy radio environment, resilient to interference issues.

LoRa can be used to provide license free Long Range Connectivity for any LoRa enabled devices.

LoRa can be used in non-mission critical applications such as smart buildings, solar and water monitoring as well as smart agriculture.

In this example, a smart farm is managed and controlled by a single low cost, LoRa network. This includes:

Water level monitoring / Pump Control / Flow Metering / Silo Monitoring / Soil Moisture

Datamax LoRa

RFI’s new Datamax LoRa features wide-ranging connectivity and intelligent track and control. The DataMax LoRa Ethernet router with RS232 and WIFI functionality is the right choice for your M2M applications. It offers a mix of long range, low power consumption and secure data transmission and is easy to plug into the existing infrastructure, offering a solution to serve battery-operated IoT applications.


Long Range

Wide ranging connectivity and intelligent track, control and data transmission using LoRa wireless technology.

4G LTE – CAT6 – Band28 supported 4 Ethernet router

Features end-to-end AES128 encryption, mutual authentication, integrity protection, and confidentiality

Perfect for Low Power Applications

Requires minimal energy, with prolonged battery lifetime of up to 10 years, minimizing battery replacement costs

Lower Network Costs

Cost effective LoRa Datamax technology reduces infrastructure investment, battery replacement expense, and ultimately operating expenses

Datamax LoraWAN

RFI will be launching an exciting new LoRaWAN solution soon. Stay tuned!

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