IoT Solutions

Connecting People – Connecting Devices

RFI has been keeping the world connected through our wireless technology solutions for more than four decades – including recent IoT applications.

The RFI range includes IoT solutions for LPWAN or Cellular applications – and with so many new protocols available – RFI has made it easy to select the correct technology that both cost-effective and easy to deploy.

Show us your IoT application – and we will find the right technology.

RFI has a range of modems and routers that can be tailored a solution for virtually any application. We offer customised technical expertise and professional services to support our products and solutions, we can assist you with getting your application to market fast.

What is LPWAN Solution and when should I use it?

Low Power – Long Range Solutions

Low Power Wide Area Networking (LPWAN) connects devices requiring small amounts of data that is not video or images. LPWAN uses the public radio spectrum and sends IoT data over long distances with minimal power consumption and cost outlay.

LoRa is popular example of a network solution for LPWAN.

What is the Cellular Solution and when should I use it?

Cellular provides high network reliability, high service levels and high data throughput such as video and images. Australia’s core technology for cellular networks is 4G LTE, used by all carriers.

5G represents the next generation in cellular connectivity. As this is still being built and defined for the IOT and M2M markets expect modem devices to come to the market in 2020.

IoT Solutions

Transport/Mobility Solutions

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Solutions – Collect real-time information about traffic conditions. From roads to tunnels to bridges, intelligent transportation systems rely on data about traffic flow, speed, and density, as well as weather conditions and surveillance video. RFI’s industrial Ethernet solutions facilitate the convergence of a video data in real time by providing high-speed throughputs and a wide range of network interfaces, including Then Ethernet, WLAN and serial.

Railroad Signalling Solutions – Monitor traffic control for rail crossing controllers and monitor the health and status of mechanism functionality of alarms such as railway crossing signals/lights/ bells and the malfunctioning of the crossing barriers. Provide accurate monitoring of crossings thus reducing the risk of fatalities and property damage.

Public and Private Transport POS Solutions – Create Tap n Go solutions for purchases made from Wi-Fi handheld devices, such as ordering food from a food trolley on a long distance train rid

Tracking Solutions – Track vehicles, containers, cargo/parcels, rolling stock, fleet management or asset tracking

Motor Sport Monitoring – Measure and record important vehicle parameters via sensors and are pivotal in communicating track status and warnings between the pit and the driver. Wheel speeds, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, tyre temperatures, brake pressures, engine speed and temperature, oil pressure and GPS; can be analysed to gain insight into the behaviour of the engine, chassis and driver, which can ultimately result in greater predictability and optimised performance on race day.

Public Transport Networking Solutions – Operators can expect to meet market demand and streamline operations by keeping passengers informed, maintaining safety onboard, managing and monitoring vehicle controls – all of these complex and critical functions require a robust network to keep information flowing.

Agriculture Solutions

Aquaculture – Monitor alarm functions to ensure that fish farm reservoir management systems are operating within set parameters. Measure inputs from reservoir pump flow controllers, temperature control and monitoring, as well as mains supply. Data can be fed into an online management portal to continuously monitor and record water quality data that can be used to identify trends and improve production. Almost any sensor can be used, and the sensors can measure and store data at any interval you choose.

Livestock Management – Quickly assess and manage the health and wellbeing of livestock through real-time monitoring. This allows farmers their investment through an online web portal accessible via mobile or desktop. Quickly identify herd benchmark, optimise your breeding program and catch animal health issues early. Solutions includes weigh scale indicators, electronic identification readers, load bars, connected to an on-farm automation system at each feeding station and in turn communicate via an online management portal and a computer system based in the farm office.

Irrigation Monitoring – Monitor water troughs both water levels and temperature in remote farms

Food Trough Monitoring – Measure the amount of food in remote paddocks and receive and SMS when food is running low

In this example, a smart farm is managed and controlled by a single low cost, LoRa network. This includes:

Water level monitoring / Pump Control / Flow Metering / Silo Monitoring / Soil Moisture

Metering/Utilities Solutions

Monitoring Co-located Building Electricity Meters – Monitor meters in a large apartment block to streamline the communications process and alleviate hundreds of meters transmitting in a co-located building. Collect metering data from both gas and water meters simultaneously, thus creating a fully integrated wireless solution for analytics and billing purposes. The reduction in work load both in terms of physical meter reading and maintenance provided significant cost savings for the customer.

Water Services – Enable remote monitoring and measurement of rainfall events. This monitoring allowed for efficiencies gained through operational and logistical improvements, data accuracy as well as timeliness of that data. The RFI Solution makes sensors and control equipment easy to integrated and update remotely.

Sewage Pumping – Integrate a controller which allows sewerage to be pumped uphill. In order to access the pump controller remotely a communications device is installed at the site with the connection establishment process enabled seamless functionality.

Utilities Infrastructure – Monitor gas pressure at remote sites in regional and rural Australia using a SCADA network important factors in their decision.

Solar Solutions

As solar installations continue to increase, and we move more towards smart grid solutions which require more connectivity, having a reliable connection for your solar system is essential.

Modern solar inverters require connectivity to be able to communicate data back to an internet connected portal. Providing connectivity in these cases can be as simple as providing a 4G modem using a data SIM to provide an internet connection. Due to the low data rates required by most inverters this can be a cost effective strategy. RFI’s single port ethernet modem the Unimax can be utilised in these cases. For larger installations where greater redundancy can be required our dual SIM option the Universal Hub can be the perfect option.

Point to Point Wireless Technology
Point to Point Commercial Solar Site Solutions

Wirelessly connect multiple solar installations back to main solar distribution board for seamless systems monitoring.

Data Plans

RFI has 5 year set and forget 4G data plans. Our 4G Universal Hub solar modem is compatible with most solar inverters.

Financial/ATM Solutions

Pop-Up Kiosks and ATMs – Temporary connectivity and secure payment processing

Vending Machine Monitoring – Create Tap n Go credit card payment solutions for vending machines and check stock levels in vending and drink machines in real-time

Digital Signage and Advertising Solutions

Digital Bus and Transport signs – Allow them to be updated with real time schedule changes

Portable VMS (Variable Message Signs) – Update signage in real time

Creating Free WIFI hotspots in Public spaces such as Shopping centres, restaurants, theatre spaces