RFI is excited to expand our global leading range of base station antennas with an enhanced Corporate Collinear offering.

The expanded series includes new CC450 corporate collinears in the range of 450-512MHz, including a 9dBd series with 0°, 3° and 6° downtilt alternatives. 

Why the Corporate Family?

The new CC450 series of antennas provides site operators with a range of choices when combining a large number of communications services such as those found in mission critical or public safety environments, into a single, low profile antenna solution.


What is RFI's corporate feed design?

The corporate feed design employed by RFI maintains a superior beamwidth, over a very broad bandwidth, with minimal loss. The stability of the internal brass structure, coupled with the repeatability of the PCB elements, guarantees consistent delivery of maximum gain, characteristics comparable to that only previously available in exposed dipole array configurations.This is achieved in the preferred form factor of a lighter weight, fully enclosed fibreglass radome, providing a reduction in wind loading, ice loading and tower loading in comparison.


Industry Leading Design


The CC450 series has been designed with an exceptional power rating of 500W, with a Peak Instantaneous Power (PIP) rating of 25kW to cater for the peak voltage levels present in large multi-carrier combining environments. RFI’s refined design processes and proven construction methods achieve a PIM rating of –150dBc, further ensuring performance is maintained throughout the service life of the antenna.

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For any additional information, please contact the sales team at enquiry@rfi.com.au.