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Major Announcement- Enphase Energy and RFI provide Power Partners added value

Major Announcement- Enphase Energy and RFI provide Power Partners added value

RFI and Enphase Energy are excited to announce Enphase Energy has joined the Power Partners program for the 2020 Power Partners year. RFI’s Power Partners network will now be able to earn, boost and redeem PowerUP Reward Points on all their Enphase purchases from April 1, 2020. 

The newly inked relationship will see RFI and Enphase Energy working closely to deliver maximum benefits and incentives to the 100+ quality installer member network.  

“As a company focused on assisting our solar installers with initiatives that drive additional value, we’re delighted to participate in RFI’s Power Partners Program,” said Wilf Johnston, general manager APAC at Enphase Energy. Members of the Power Partner Network enjoy a range of commercial, lead generation and training benefits, and will now be able to further leverage the perks of the program with an all-AC home energy solution.” 

RFI’s Power Partners Network is a leading dealer network in the renewable energy industry, combining best of breed product with years of solar power experience that can’t be matched. RFI’s Power Partners are dedicated to promoting high quality solar and energy storage solutions in their local community, with Power Partner available in every metro and regional area of Australia. The unique network of Power Partners matches residential and commercial customers with their local quality solar installer, who knows and supports their community.  

The addition of Enphase Energy as a participating brand will unlock an all-AC home energy solution, providing a strong value proposition for their customers.   

Our long-term partnership with Enphase Energy continues to grow,” stated Arvind Ravichandran, Product Manager at RFI. We know that our Power Partners will take advantage of having an all-AC brand now in the program. Installers will also have peace of mind being able to offer a safe, reliable and smart solution to their customers”.  

If you are interested in becoming a Power Partner, please contact us at Are you a home or business looking for a solar and battery storage solution? Visit us at 

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Be Heard In The Crowd with the DSPbR Edge

Be Heard In The Crowd with the DSPbR Edge

The DSPbR Edge repeater provides a flexible, RF-transparent, compact and cost-effective in-fill coverage rebroadcast solution in multi-channel and multi-band networks without compromising the network performance. DSPbR Edge features adjustable RF output power levels as well as other configurable parameters on a per-channel basis which makes it ideally suited to network designs of any size. Using RF over Fibre or coaxial cable, linked multi-chassis DSPbR Edge designs can be deployed in large multi-building campus designs.

When DSPbR Edge is used in P25 Phase I and II networks, the optional Trunking Extender feature provides innovative frequency and control channel manipulation techniques to enable unique coverage enhancement capabilities.

Remote Platforms


Shopping Malls

Office Buildings

Basements and Carparks


In-building Coverage

Many buildings experience limited indoor coverage from outdoor networks due to small, windows, steel and concrete construction or shadowing from neighbouring structures. Frequency translation and trunking extender (P25) capabilities of Edge, makes it an ideal solution to providing coverage in-fills within the buildings as high RF power and high gain configurations can be deployed without the usual intra-system isolation limitations that the standard BDAs and signal boosters suffer from.

Examples are hospitals, office buildings, shopping centres and public buildings.

Remote Locations

DSPbR Edge may be used to provide indoor or outdoor coverage in remote locations Including areas outside the normal network service area for specific activities or seasonal operations. Examples include remote utilities infrastructure, military, holiday destinations, prisons, rural police stations and fire stations, isolated valleys or locations used for popular public activities.

With frequency translating and trunking extender (P25) capabilities of Edge, the usual intra-system isolation and interference issues of standard BDAs are overcome.

Remote Sites

DSPbR Edge can be used to provide coverage for infrastructure remote sites. Examples are off-shore platforms, remote ports, processing plants or outlying command posts. As a channelised repeater, DSPbR Edge can provide significant coverage utilising its high per-channel RF output capability.


Bored and Cut-and-cover tunnels, underground car-parks and mines experience limited coverage due the limited penetration of network coverage into such areas.

Channelized Rebroadcast Repeaters can offer advantages in these applications as higher per-channel RF output power can support larger signal distribution networks (i.e. longer cable runs and more DAS antennas), and often don’t require additional in-line booster amplifiers.

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A sad loss for RFI and our industry

Here at RFI we are trying to come to terms with the terrible news that Jack Grozev passed away in early January.

We are preparing for services to be held on 18th January in Adelaide to honour Jack’s life and support his family.

Jack as our Engineering Program Manager has led both the hardware and software development of our high-end technology development team for more than ten years.  Hundreds of new, leading-edge technology products have been developed by the program teams Jack led and tens of thousands of these products have subsequently been manufactured by the team in the Adelaide facility and shipped not only locally but to global markets.  The bold, ambitious and hugely talented team in Adelaide are devastated at the loss of such a huge proponent of Australian manufacturing and advocate for excellence in their local engineering.

Jack Grozev (right), pictured with Scott Magee (left)
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