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Easter Trading Hours

Easter Trading Hours

RFI would like to wish our customers and partners a very happy Easter! 

Please take note that RFI offices will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. 

We look forward to serving our customers again on Tuesday 6th April 2021.

Easter Eggs PNG Transparent Images | PNG All

Click here, for office contact information. 

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RFI Solar Spend & Win Giveaway


*Terms and conditions apply, RFI Technology Solutions Solar Giveaway, valid from 10:00am AEST 22/03/21 to 30/04/21 3:00pm AEST inclusive. To receive one valid entry in the giveaway draw, in a transaction RFI Solar customers must spend $5,000.00 on any solar product, the order must be shipped & invoiced by 3.00pm AEST Friday 30/04/21. During the competition period, participating Power Partner members can receive double PowerUP Points on all partner brands and two competition entries with each $5,000.00 solar product transaction shipped and invoiced by 3:00pm AEST. RFI Solar customers and participating Power Partner members can receive an additional three entries for purchasing certain product lines defined by RFI during the competition period. RFI solar division customers and solar products are defined by RFI Technology Solutions. Whilst stock lasts. Each $5,000 transaction excludes GST and freight. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Competition draw will take place Tuesday 04/05/21 at 99 Station Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147 and winners will be notified on Wednesday 05/05/21 by phone or email. Prizes to be awarded & delivered in the month of May 2021.Total prize pool value is $8,012.18 (Inc. GST). Prizes to win include: 1 x Apple iPhone 12, 256GB Blue (Model 3801000196), 1 x Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Black (Model 11901205012), 1 x Samsung TU8000 65” Crystal UHD 4K TV (Model UA65TU8000WXXY), 5 x RFI Cel-Fi GO Mobile Phone Repeater Kit (Each kit includes 1 x Cel-Fi GO Mobile 3G/4G Signal Repeater Telstra, 1 x CDQ7195-B antenna, 1 x 7-4M-SMA antenna).












































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Cel-Fi GO Install & Performance Test By 4motion Adventures

Cel-Fi GO Install & Performance Test By 4motion Adventures

Australian campervan travellers, 4motion Adventures recently installed an RFI Cel-Fi GO Mobile Kit to their van to combat poor mobile coverage.

Watch the install and performance test below to see how Cel-Fi GO improves mobile phone signal.

RFI Products Used:


Cel-Fi GO Benefits: 

  • Improves mobile voice and data coverage
  • Approved for Australian Telco networks 3G/4G/LTE
  • Multi-user capability
  • Suitable for mobile and stationary use










Cel-Fi GO works best when paired with an RFI cellular antenna! 

CD7195 (Entry Level)

  • Your perfect entry-level antenna with non-removable whip
  • Built tough to withstand off-road conditions
  • Suitable for install on a number of 4wd and truck mounting brackets







CDQ7195 (Heavy Duty)

  • Made for toughest Australian outback conditions.
  • Includes a heavy-duty stainless-steel spring and Q-Fit® removal system to suit low low height environments.
  • Ideal for 4wd bullbar mounting.








For the latest travel tips, make sure to follow the 4motion Adventure’s social pages.




VW 4motion Campervan explores the Cox's River - YouTube

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BYD Battery Box – Webinar

Join the BYD Battery-Box Webinar! 

Learn more about the new BYD Battery-Box Premium series and discover interesting tips to make the installation and commissioning process more efficient.

When: Tuesday, March 9

Time: 4pm to 5pm (AEDT)

Secure your spot now













BYD Battery Storage Solutions

To find more about RFI’s range of BYD battery storage solutions, click here.

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Mark Mezzapica Wins 2020 ARCIA Johnathan Livingstone Seagull Award

Congratulations to Mark Mezzapica, recipient of the ARCIA 2020 Jonathan Livingstone Seagull Award

With more than 40 years of radio communications industry experience, Mark is a true embodiment of the Jonathan Livingstone Seagull Award:

Someone who has risen above the flock – learned more and achieved greatness.

Someone who has taken the knowledge back to the community to help others better themselves

Mark’s extremely sharp scientific mind and a high degree of imagination make him the peak industry and globally accredited expert in the field of antenna systems, RF transmission, PIM, multi-coupling, lightning protection and amplifier characterisation.

As Chief Technology Officer at RFI Technology Solutions, Mark has introduced systems and product improvements, leading a team of engineers in the development of new antennas and antenna systems.

Along his path Mark has co-authored six different patents, held countless seminars and mentoring programs, sharing his knowledge and passion for the industry with his peers, graduates, engineers and technicians, making him well-deserving of this award.


Mark Mezzapica with Ian Hyde at RFI Sydney, Head Office.









Mark is recognised in the Jan/ Feb 2021 Critical Comms Magazine

Mark Mezzapica with Ian Hyde at RFI Sydney, Head Office.Mark is recognised in the Jan/ Feb 2021 Critical Comms Magazine

Click here, to download the article and search for page 15 to find Mark’s recognition.










To find out more about the award, click here or visit 

ARCIA-Logo - MCS Digital

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RFI are delighted to announce that we have just been awarded BYD Top Partner of 2020!

This award recognises the difference RFI are making, by providing innovative BYD solutions to our customers and is a true testament to the hard work of the RFI Solar team.  

With Australia’s growing demand for solar solutions, we will continue to support the market with BYD’s on-grid, off-grid, commercial and residential battery offerings in 2021 and beyond.

Watch the video below, to see yesterday’s virtual award presentation to our Product Manager Arvind Ravichandran by Joey Qiao and Amy Ren from BYD.


To find more about our BYD battery storage solutions, click here.

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S-5! Brackets Designed For Metal Roofs

S-5! Offers A Complete Line Of Brackets For Corrugated Roofing


CorruBracket 500T - S-5! Attachment Solutions

Requiring no messy sealants, S-5!’s CorruBracket mounts directly into the crest of the corrugation.

Fastened directly in the sheeting or through the sheet into the structure, CorruBracket is built so strong it will even support heavy-duty applications like snow retention. 


Install in 3 easy steps!

CorruBracket is mounted directly into the supporting structure of the roof, i.e., roof decking, wood or steel purlins, or trusses.

No surface preparation is necessary; simply wipe away excess oils and debris, peel the release paper, align and apply. Secure through the pre-punched holes using the appropriate screws for the supporting structure.






Watch the install demonstration by S-5! below. 



CorruBracket is compatible with 16 – 18mm corrugated roofing.


Further Information 

To view the complete product range, click here.

For further information and sales enquiries, please contact the RFI Customer Experience team on 1300 000 734. 


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5 Reasons Why BYD Solves Your Off-Grid Storage Problems 

 5 Reasons Why BYD Solves Your Off-Grid Problems 












1 Design simplicity:

With no complex cables, BYD has the ability to stack up to 983kWh worth of storage capacity.

2 Ease of installation:

BYD’s patented modular design allows for installation ease. Limiting installation costs and the requirement of trained electricians to implement a complex battery installation. A true plug and play set up!

3 Space-saving:

The modular architecture allows for stacking multiple batteries to achieve the required power and voltage. Saving valuable real estate and minimal site preparation.

4 Low maintenance:

BYD’s LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology ensures low maintenance in comparison to traditional lead-acid/ gel battery banks.

5 Performance 

High usable energy compared to any other lithium battery, particularly suited for high powdered back-up and off-grid functionality, reducing dependence and power from a generator.


BYD Auto - Wikipedia

Download RFI’s System Configuration Brochure Now!

Our 20-page guide outlines possible BYD configurations for all the exciting new BYD Battery-Box products.

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RFI MiniSystem Combiner Deployed To Provide Rapid Radio Coverage For A High-Profile Expedition Race TV Series

RFI MiniSystem Combiner Deployed To Provide Rapid Radio Coverage For A High-Profile Expedition Race TV Series

For the high profile expedition race TV series filmed in Fiji, RFI worked with partner COMS Ltd to supply and deploy MiniSystem Combiners and antennas to provide rapid radio coverage.

The Challenge:

Our partner had won the contract to provide rapid radio communications for a high-profile expedition race TV series in Fiji. The event organisers required coverage for four concurrent VHF radio channels, in three geographical coverage zones.

Implementation timelines and logistics were quite challenging with the sporting series running across multiple days. All the equipment, including the radio repeaters, multicoupling system and antennas had to be transported long distances into remote areas with no proper road access.

In some areas, the equipment had to be moved to sites by helicopters. The equipment also had to be compact and lightweight enough so it could be easily disassembled and carried by hand if required.

To cover zone 2, the whole equipment had to be fitted into and moved between aircrafts. Our partner also needed the ability to remove, redeploy and reconfigure the equipment, at short notice, to meet the event’s timelines quickly and easily.

Importantly, providing a reliable radio communication system was critical as the health and safety of the competitors and the crew depended on it.

The Solution:

After thorough consideration, our partner selected RFI’s MiniSystem Combiners and antennas to support the radio coverage for this event. Delivered pre-configured, our partner only needed to plug the radio repeaters and antennas for rapid coverage deployment.

The simplicity of installation and the compact physical size made the MiniSystem Combiner the ideal combining solution for this application. MiniSystems provided the customer with everything they needed for their multicoupling. Signal filtering, combining, amplification and distribution were all included in a compact enclosure. This enabled the customer to easily combine four radio repeaters into a single antenna using a small footprint.

The compact size and light weight of the MiniSystem also helped the customer to move the equipment easily across zones in pre-made portable hard cases, along with the radio repeaters. This would not be possible with a traditional multicoupling system with bulky and heavy filters, combiners and multicouplers.

The Results:

The MiniSystems were delivered to the customer on time and our partner managed to deploy and transport the equipment within the expected timeframes. Once the equipment was at its designated location, it was setup and commissioned quickly and smoothly.

The whole system was also de-commissioned, moved and redeployed in a different location, 200 kms away in two days.

The compact size of MiniSystems also allowed the whole system to be fitted inside the repeater aircrafts. The aircrafts had antennas on the under belly and were providing radio coverage for one of the geographical zones.

RFI Equipment Used:

To download a copy of the full case study, please click the link below.

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RFI’s Solar Connectivity Solution Provides Connectivity For System Monitoring In A Commercial Enphase Solar Installation

RFI's Solar Connectivity Solution Provides Connectivity For System Monitoring In A Commercial Enphase Solar Installation

RFI worked with Harvey Norman Commercial Division to supply and install communication solutions to provide connectivity to allow for essential solar monitoring on the Enphase Enlighten portal.

The Challenge:

Monitoring is an essential part of set up and maintenance of a commercial solar system. For access restriction reasons the connectivity available on-site could not be utilised by the installation team for monitoring purposes. Therefore, an independent connectivity solution was needed to be sourced and installed by the installation team.

As a commercial site, it was important to ensure that any solution for providing connectivity was enterprise level with reliability and security a priority for both the hardware and the SIM connection components. Any solution would also need to be appropriate for long term deployment and future proof against known technology changes. As an additional challenge on the site, one of the modems was to be located within a concrete room, creating a challenge for receiving reception with the site.

The Solution:

Our partner, Harvey Norman Commercial, had consulted and installed the solar system and hardware. As experienced providers of solar communication hardware, RFI was consulted for a solution that would be able to provide long term connectivity with high reliability.

The requirement for a connectivity system which was highly reliable, secure and easy to install made RFI’s Solar Connectivity Solution an ideal solution. The MA-2055 modem in the bundle is an industrial grade modem, bundled with Vodafone’s IoT SIM, it ensured that an enterprise-level solution was installed. With multicarrier redundancy and superior security with the IoT SIM’s Access Control list ensuring that only desired websites can be accessed, the need for a secure and reliable system was also ensured. The bundle is also 4G ready and so no changes will need to be made when 3G connectivity is lost at the site.

To assist with the challenge of receiving reception into the concrete room RFI was able to supply the CSM500 with a custom length cable to mount the antenna exterior to the building. The low-profile bracket mountable antenna made for perfect integration into the install as it was able to provide adequate reception without compromising building aesthetic.

The Results:

Utilising RFI’s Solar Connectivity Solution and the CSM500 antenna connectivity was able to be organised for the system. This allowed for the quick, easy and reliable deployment of connectivity which meant monitoring in the Enpase Enlighten Portal was able to be accessed and set up rapidly and efficiently.

Watch the video here to see how connection was established in minutes.

To download a copy of the full case study, please click the link below.

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