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What Fibre Enclosure should I choose?

What Fibre Enclosure should I choose?

With many different enclosures available, RFI looks at the different types available in the market including Rack Mount, Wall Box and Din Mount options.

So what are the key features and benefits of each? And how do I choose the correct type of enclosure for my application? We look at this in our news article and tech blog.

OCC Fibre Enclosures – in stock at RFI

Rack Mount Enclosures: SLIDING

OCC’s rack mountable sliding fibre optic enclosures support the use of both indoor and outdoor fibre cable types. Suitable for patching or housing direct termination or splicing of up to 192 fibre cores. The range has various sizes and panel arrangements and is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications.


  • Available in 1RU, 2RU and 3RU sizes.
  • Variety of front panel options.
  • High quality, long lasting sliding mechanism.
  • Fibre management, connectivity and distribution up to 192 fibres.
  • Accommodates up to 8 snap-in OCC angled panels.
  • Standard patch panel mounting to fit 19” rack.
  • Includes mounting and cable/fibre management hardware kit.
  • Rugged steel construction with durable powder coated finish in a grey colour.
  • Suitable for various unterminated and pre-terminated cables.
  • Rodent-resistant back panel is available.

Wingback Rack Mount Enclosure: FIXED


  • Available in 1RU sizes.
  • Standard patch panel mounting to fit 19” rack.
  • Accommodates 2 snap-in OCC angled panels.
  • Fibre management, connectivity and distribution up to 48 fibres.
  • Suitable for shallow racks where in-rack cable movement is problematic.
  • Rugged steel construction with durable powder coated finish in a grey colour.
  • Wing-back design reduces fibre stress and provides support for proper cable bends and efficient cable management.
  • Includes mounting and cable/fibre management hardware kit.
  • Angled left and right rear cable entry ‘wings’ for easy cable access and fixing.
  • Removable lid for easy installation and access.
  • Slotted rear wing for cable tie fixing, No glands required.

OCC Wall Box Enclosure

The OCC hinged wall box enclosure offers the installer a robust, heavy-duty premium product with a variety of features for easy direct termination or fusion splicing up to 48 fibre cores. It significantly reduces the installation time.


  • Variety of adaptor panels to suit your connector type.
  • Fibre management, connectivity and distribution for 12 to 48 fibres.
  • Heavy-duty hinge mechanism.
  • Double doors allow ease of access, one lockable door.
  • Accommodates 2 snap-in OCC adaptor panels.
  • Perfect for multi-cable applications.
  • Multiple knock-out panels for cable routing flexibility.
  • Rugged steel construction with durable powder coated finish.
  • Supports a wide range of splice trays.
  • Supplied with fibre management hardware kit.
  • Suitable for various unterminated and pre-terminated cables.

Rack/Wall Mount Adaptor Panels

OCC’s rack/wall mount enclosures support a wide variety of adaptor panel configurations including ST Simplex, SC Duplex, SC Simplex and LC Duplex. They are made from steel and clip into the OCC Rack Mount and Wall Box range of modular enclosures. Convenient push-pins allow easy installation and removal of adaptor plates. Blank panels are available for use as dust covers. Printed port numbering is available on request.


  • 12 port angled SC simplex Panel
  • 24 port angled LC duplex Panel
  • 12 port angled SC duplex Panel
  • 12 port angled ST simplex Panel
  • Flat blank panel

DIN Rail Mount Enclosure

OCC’s line of DIN Rail Mount Enclosures offers a rugged and versatile product line ideal for secure terminations within industrial settings. It accommodates one modular front panel making it ideal for smaller fibre count applications of up to 24 fibres. This compact enclosure makes it possible to direct terminate or fusion splice in much smaller protected areas.


  • Compact size for limited space requirements.
  • Supplied with cable glands, tie down point and internal fibre clips.
  • Screw fit front panel accommodates SC simplex/duplex, LC duplex or ST/FC simplex Adaptors.
  • Top and bottom cable entry to suit installation environment
  • DIN rail clip fits any standard 35mm DIN rail
  • Rugged steel construction with durable powder coated finish.
  • Can be kitted, pre-loaded or factory pre-terminated.
  • Splice tray attachment bracket.
  • Optional internal splice tray allows for fusion splicing pigtails to an incoming loose tube cable.
  • Ideal for various spliced and pre-terminated loose tube and tight buffered cables.

Din Mount Front Panel Options:

OCC’s Din mount enclosure supports a wide variety of adaptor front panel configurations including ST Simplex, SC Duplex, SC Simplex and LC Duplex. Printed port numbering is available on request.

Splice Trays

OCC offers user friendly splice trays for cable management and radius control.

P/N Description

Fibre Optic Adaptors

The modular design provides the flexibility to choose from a variety of adaptor types including ST, SC, FC and LC.

P/N Description
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RFI is pleased to announce the introduction of DMR/MOTOTRBO™ and NEXEDGE™/iDAS™ Vehicle Repeaters. 

RFI is pleased to announce the introduction of DMR/MOTOTRBO™ and NEXEDGE™/iDAS™ Vehicle Repeaters. 

These new DMR/MOTOTRBO™ and NEXEDGE™/iDAS™ versions of the Pyramid Vehicle Repeaters have been added to our enhanced coverage solutions range.

What are the benefits of a Pyramid Vehicle Repeater?

SVR-N300 Series NXDN NEXEDGE™ iDAS™ Digital Vehicle Repeaters SVR-D300 Series DMR/MOTOTRBO™ Digital Vehicle Repeaters
  • Works with most Kenwood NEXEDGE™ and ICOM iDAS™ mobile radios
  • 1 or 2 Watt coverage
  • NSDN Smart Trunking™
  • NXDN Emergency Calls
  • 20 channels
  • ESP Multi Vehicle Format
  • Works with most DMR and MOTOTRBO™ radios
  • 2 Watt
  • DMR Smart Trunking™
  • DMR Emergency Calls
  • 20 channels
  • ESP Multi-Vehicle Format

A vehicle repeater allow two-way radio users extended coverage outside the vehicle without building out costly infrastructure.

  • Extended Coverage Range – Provides extended coverage around the vehicle. Capable to provide a coverage range of up to 10kms (or more)
  • No additional device required – Allows the user to use their existing portable handheld two-way radio as their communication device when they leave their vehicle
  • Automatically manage multiple vehicles – ensuring that multiple repeaters don’t interfere with each other when arriving at one incident location.
  • Ideal ‘suitcase’ or ‘trailer’ repeater – for applications such as Search and Rescue, Mining Surveying teams and Railway Maintenance crews.
  • Fixed installation capable – The repeater can also be used in a fixed installation to provide a level of in-building coverage for users using their existing portable handheld two-way radio, such as inside an electricity substation.

The Range

Both N300 Series and D300 Series are available in:

VHF: 136-174MHz
UHF “A”: 380-470MHz
UHF “D”: 450-520MHz
7/800MHz version of the NEXEDGE™/iDAS™ product is also available.

RFI also carries a complete range of P25 Pyramid Vehicle Repeaters, ensuring an available solution regardless of radio technology.

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RFI at All Energy 2018

It’s the solar industry’s time to shine on October 3-4 at the All-Energy 2018 Expo in Melbourne! Join us on stand 2534.

What are we displaying?

Sneak Peak- Special Launches!

Need Cellular Comms? Introducing RFI’s all-in-one, plug and play Comms solution. RFI’s solar solutions meets our global expertise in wireless communications!

Take a look at the brand NEW BYD B-Plus L, complementing the existing HV and LV range. This great new product is about to hit Australian shores.


Be the first in Australia to see the unit coupled with a world-leading inverter brand. A game changer in BYD inverter compatibility!

Book a meeting with us.

We will be displaying complete solutions for all of the above.

RFI is also pre-arranging meetings with customers on our stand (2534) at over the 2 days. Simply click the link below, propose a time and we’ll get back to you right away. 

  • Need a technical or sales discussion with one of our Product Managers?
  • Want to meet a representative from one of our brands?
  • Want to be introduced to the RFI solutions offering?
  • Want to become a member of the Power Partners PowerUP points program?
  • Need a technical discussion on BYD Energy Storage solutions?
  • Interested in our range of connectivity solutions?


Book a meeting about anything now!

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Tight Buffered Fibre Cable & PULSE Fibre Fast Connector have arrived at RFI

Tight Buffered Fibre Cable has arrived at RFI

Offering the durability you expect from OCC, DZ-series distribution cables provide all of the indispensable elements needed for Indoor and Indoor/Outdoor commercial applications, while providing great value. Manufactured with Indoor/Outdoor grade Flame Retardant PVC for riser applications.


Cost Savings

  • 900 µm buffer eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming installation of fanout kits or pigtail splices because connectors terminate directly to the fiber
  • No need to splice outdoor cable to indoor cable at building entrance

PULSE Fibre Fast Connector at RFI

On-site installations, quick & easy

The PULSE Fibre Fast Connector is a pre-polished, pre-assembled connector compatible with standard SC and LC connectors. No epoxy is required as an internal mechanical grip effectively holds the fibre in place and can be installed in about 100 seconds.

Without polishing or adhesives, the PULSE fast connector makes on-site installations quick and easy, diminishing the need for epoxy curing and hand polishing at the work site.


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As featured in Ecogeneration Magazine- Our Women in Renewables

As featured in Ecogeneration Magazine- Our Women in Renewables

Five women in our Solar Team were featured in the August 2018 edition of EcoGeneration Magazine. The RFI team includes Leonie DeJager, Jennifer Hilder, Alkyra Hutchison-Menzer, Lois Yutong Li and Hana Said, represent women both new to the industry, as well as involved in the industry for more than a decade. The article features having a frank discussion about women’s  experiences working in the renewables industry. The article, printed in the August edition of Ecogeneration Magazine, is part of their continued support of #womeninrenewables and the @cleanenergycouncil pledge.

A link to the article is here.

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Charge and go. Bury Wireless Charging Cradles

Bury Wireless Charging Cradles - Available Now at RFI

RFI is excited to introduce the Bury Qi Wireless charging cradles to our growing Mobile Phone enhancement range.

So what are the key benefits for your customer? Watch our video and read our news release below.

Introducing Bury Powerkit Qi

What are the product options?

Bury PowerKit Qi Bundle

Bury PowerKit Qi Bundle includes:

1x Powercharge Qi 2x Screws for permanent installation
1 x Charging cable (USB C type for micro-USB) 2x Safety clips and safety mountings
1x Powerflex Operating Manual 1x Branch Connector
1x Powerbase 1x Operating Manual
1x Cable with Car Charger  

Bury Qi Bundle

Bury PowerKit Qi Bundle includes:

1x Powercharge Qi Cradle Only

1 x POWERADAP – Sys 8/9 Adapter

1x Charging Cable (USB C type for micro-USB)

1x Operating manual

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Why Choose Suntech?

Why Choose Suntech?

Suntech has now been a part of the Australian module market since 2001 when it was founded by an Australian with a UNSW doctorate in Solar Power technology.

One of the true pioneers of the Australian solar industry, we reckon if you haven’t had a good look at Suntech lately, it’s time to have another.

Here are 4 great reasons to install Suntech on your next residential or commercial project.

Design & Innovation Unmatched

1. High-Tech EVA

Highly transparent to provide an extremely stable component connection

2. Strong frame

A hollow chamber profile ensures a tough and high performance frame

3. IP68 Rated Junction Boxes

IP68 rated junction box ensures an outstanding and reliable performance at waterproof level, supports installations in all orientations, and reduces stress on the cables

4. Superior Solar Glass

Low reflection, anti-glare and self-cleaning for maximum output and low maintenance

5. Special 4-5 Busbar Design

Developed and produced for Suntech for high and reliable yields

6. Solid Back Sheet

High level of UVA resistance and long-term durability using DuPont’s Tedlar PVF film

Powerful Warranties for Powerful Products

rfi_suntech_25 rfi_suntech_12
Linear Power Output Warranty Product Warranty
Suntech is proud to offer their customers an industry-leading linear warranty. They guarantee a 97% power output in the first year, with nominal output decreases of no more than 0.7% through the module’s 25th year. Thereby one ends with 80.2% nominal power guaranteed in the 25th year after the defined warranty starting date. Suntech is proud to be one of only a few solar module manufacturers in Australia whose products are backed by a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty. Their repair, replacement, or refund remedy guarantees your Suntech products will remain free from defect in materials and workmanship under normal application, installation, use, and service conditions.

VDE Quality Tested

rfi_suntech_vde The VDE Quality-Tested Certification is the seal of approval for a level of quality control that goes beyond existing standards in the PV industry. This level of commitment to quality cannot be introduced overnight. It takes a culture of continuous improvement and years of practice and testing to achieve this outcome. These exacting standards set Suntech apart from our competitors, ensuring unmatched reliability and consistency of solar energy production.

Not Your Average Solar Panel

Product Range

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RFI Technology Solutions Named Distribution Partner for Nextivity in Australia; Introduces Cel-Fi QUATRA Active DAS Hybrid for the Enterprise

RFI Technology Solutions Named Distribution Partner for Nextivity in Australia; Introduces Cel-Fi QUATRA Active DAS Hybrid for the Enterprise

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA and SAN DIEGO – July 30, 2018 – RFI Technology Solutions announced today it has signed a distribution agreement with San Diego-based Nextivity for Cel-Fi QUATRA, an innovative and affordable solution to poor cellular reception inside commercial buildings. RFI will also be distributing the Cel-FI GO range of industrial and mobile coverage repeaters in the Australian market.

Introducing Cel-Fi QUATRA to the Australian Market

Spotty cellular coverage, poor voice quality, dropped calls, and dead zones continue to plague employees and visitors in business venues. As an all-digital solution that provides uniform, high quality cellular signal throughout a building, and is scalable to the size needed, Cel-Fi QUATRA solves this problem. Cel-Fi QUATRA is an active DAS Hybrid solution that solves coverage issues for 3G/4G/LTE voice and data applications in spaces up to 500,000 sq. ft.

The Cel-Fi QUATRA from Nextivity perfectly complements our significant in-building solutions portfolio,” says Scott Magee, CEO of RFI. “There is tremendous potential in the Australian market and we are pleased to introduce this game-changing solution from Nextivity to our telecommunications partners, installers, and system integrators.”

Cel-Fi QUATRA is designed to improve indoor signal coverage without any risk of interference on the mobile network and can be installed in just days (compared to months typical of other solutions). This solution is also delivered at a price point that meets a small to medium-size enterprise budget.

The easy-to-deploy Cel-Fi QUATRA has been installed in a range of applications, including apartment complexes, hospitals, corporate offices, hotels and manufacturing plants.

Cel-Fi GO for Industrial and Mobile Applications

RFI will also be supplying Cel-Fi GO range for industrial and mobile applications. The Cel-Fi GO Smart Repeaters boost and distribute cellular signals within a building. These solutions support 3G/4G/4GX LTE voice and data applications, featuring industry-leading 70 dB system gain.

Cel-Fi GO Stationary is a smart signal repeater, ideal for use in homes, businesses, commercial properties, government buildings, agricultural settings, small manufacturing operations and rural areas.

The Cel-Fi GO Mobile smart signal repeater is designed for mobile applications including trucks, vehicles, RVs, and boats.

RFI will be releasing additional information on the Cel-Fi GO range in the coming months.

About Nextivity

Headquartered in San Diego, Nextivity Inc. develops the award-winning Cel-Fi family of products for delivering best-in-class cellular coverage for home, office, and on the go – at the lowest cost per decibel. Authorized for use by more than 179 leading global carriers in 98 countries, Cel-Fi products leverage advanced signal processing and intelligent antenna design, and are the world’s only self-configuring, environmentally aware indoor coverage systems. Additional information is available at, on Twitter, LinkedIn, and on Facebook.

About RFI Technology Solutions

RFI is a global technology solutions company, specialising in wireless coverage and solar power. RFI has one of the largest, most innovative and experienced wireless and solar solutions teams with dedicated engineers, product managers, deployment engineers, logistics, distribution and R&D staff.

RFI’s wireless coverage solutions team has designed, deployed and integrated over 2000 In-building/DAS and underground communications systems to carriers, building operators and contractors across Australia. This includes networks for road and rail tunnels, stadiums, shopping centres, multi-story office buildings, hospitals and airports. We are proud to be an Australian success story with manufacturing, distribution and warehousing across Australia, NZ, the USA and the UK.

Nextivity, the Nextivity logo, Cel-Fi, Smart Signal Booster, and Supercell are registered trademarks of Nextivity Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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RFI Now Offers New Connectivity Solutions.

RFI Now Offers New Connectivity Solutions.

As featured in Critical Comms Magazine, RFI has launched some exciting new connectivity solutions!

Click the links below to learn more about our comprehensive range of Fibre Connectivity and IoT/M2M Connectivity.

rfi_fibre rfi_iot
Fibre / Data Connectivity IoT / M2M Connectivity
rfi_enphase_iq7_button rfi_enphase_iq7_button
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Introducing Enphase IQ7

Introducing Enphase IQ7 - Available Now at RFI

RFI is excited to be an authorised distributor of the new Enphase IQ7 micro-inverter range. Enphase’s seventh-generation microinverters are powered by our unique software-defined architecture, offering the most efficient design with a single hardware SKU worldwide. With 96.5% EU efficiency, the IQ 7 series produces up to 23% more power at nearly half the weight of the S-Series.

The All New Enphase IQ7

rfi_enphase_iq7_71 rfi_enphase_iq7_7
Enphase IQ 7 + Enphase IQ 7
Suitable For Residential / Commercial Suitable For Residential / Commercial
Commonly Used Module Pairing –Input Power 235-400W Commonly Used Module Pairing –Input Power 195-330W
Module Compatibility 60- and 72-cell modules Module Compatibility 60-cell modules
Smart Grid Ready Smart Grid Ready
rfi_enphase_iq7_button rfi_enphase_iq7_button

Key Features

rfi_enphase_iq7_light rfi_enphase_iq7_flexible rfi_enphase_iq7_power

  • Much easier handling on the roof
  • IQ 7 is 47% lighter than S270

  • New lighter Q Cable for more flexible design
  • Simpler branch layout

  • Supports both 60 and 72 cell modules
  • IQ 7 delivers 23% more power than S-Series
  • Most efficient microinverter at 96.5%

Components and Accessories

Enphase has released a complete range of accessories, including the new Q Cable system and relays.

PDDs and Downloads

Below are all critical resources you’ll need, including installation guides, information on the new cable and connectors, FAQ’s and much more!

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