RFI’s continued commitment to the communications industry has resulted in the supply of hundreds of original FieldSENSE personal RF monitors. We are now excited to announce the some new additions. With RF safety such a critical issue, RFI is proud to offer a choice of these two units at a price that’s so affordable that everyone on a team that could be at risk for RF exposure can have one. This is a much more reliable option compared to each person being forced to share one expensive RF monitor or a company having to invest in units costing three or four times as much as a SafeONE or FieldSENSE 2.0.

FieldSENSE_image1 The FieldSENSE 2.0 is an excellent and cost effective RF personal alarm choice for tower crews and others who specialise in cellular site installations. Read More
safeone_imageThe SafeONE is another option for those who also work around other systems like FM, TV, low band communications, and even radar and offers a wide frequency alarm band. The SafeONE also shows both general public and occupational EME exposures, useful for those monitoring both controlled and uncontrolled RF exposures. Read More