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Upgrading All Base Station Antennas

Improving Low PIM Base Station Antennas

From August 2020, RFI will be upgrading all Low PIM base station antennas to 4.3-10 Connectors.

Benefits of the 4.3-10

  • Improved PIM rating
  • Increased reliability in a compact, easier to install connector
  • Faster and easier installations, which means cost savings
  • Improved results for you and more importantly your customer

Why the Upgrade?

We want to offer our customers a new standard of performance-driven by the high capacity cellular industry, the 4.3-10 connector will soon be the standard in all the radio comm installations.

  • Utilises a radial contact similar to that of the inner pin.
  • The O-ring has been moved to the sidewall, un-obstructing the final connection, while forming a weather-tight seal.
  • The radial contact of the outer conductor means good electrical contact is made before the nut is applied. With the final torque applied a solid, long term connection is ensured.
  • The relocation of the O-ring and compact size reduces the need for torque by 80%.
  • Only 5Nm required for correct termination (compared with >25Nm required by the 7/16 DIN).

For existing N and DIN type connectors, the electrical performance is dependent on the mechanical connection, meaning the N and DIN type connectors rely on the torque to make a good connection and the tighter the better : 


  • N type – Designed to be fixed to finger tight at roughly 1 to 1.5Nm, however this makes it difficult to achieve reliable to resistance to PIM.


  • DIN type – requires 25 to 30 N, with the max torque essential to make sufficient compression of the outer contact surfaces to achieve low PIM levels. The DIN type relies on the nut to bring the mating interfaces into position and form the connection and is restricted by this travel as well as the O-ring (compression) within the male connector.

All Base Station Antennas - But What Else?

We are stocked and ready to go with accessories available optionally in either RFI’s Pulse brand or Commscope distributed product:  


  • Adaptors (DIN and N) readily available and stocked​.
  • 4.3-10 terminations for almost all common cable, stocked and available​.
  • Jumper cable, either 4.3-10 or conversion, ready and available​.
  • Lighting protection is also expected to be available.
  • ​ASM couplers covering 800Mhz, VHF/UHF available Mid August 2020.


To support the integration of 4.3-10 connectors into RFI’s base antenna range, RFI has a range of accessories includes: 

  • RFI Low PIM Base Station Antennas.
  • UHF & VHF Dipole Arrays.
  • Phasing Harnesses.
  • Corporate Collinears.
  • Meander Collinears.
  • Panel Antennas.
  • Pulse & Commscope Adaptors and Connectors.
  • RFI & Commscope Coaxial Cable.
  • RFI & Commscope Passive Components.
  • Commscope Coaxial Jumper Leads.

Timeline of Project

The plan is to implement this change over 3 phases and all new items will have a new designator suffix of “-P” to denote the addition of the Low PIM 4.3-10 connector.

Phase 1

This phase covers Binary arrays and Corporate Collinears.


Phase 2

This phase will cover our entire UHF Meander range.


Phase 3

This phase will cover RFI’s VHF and 800MHz meander ranges. Dipole Arrays will include 4.3-10 to both DIN-F and N-F. Corporate collinears will include 4.3-10 to DIN-F only.

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