RFI designed and supplied a discreet enhanced coverage solution in one of the world’s most iconic buildings. 

The Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s most famous landmarks and performing arts complexes, with over 8 million people visiting the precinct every year. With thousands of performances also taking place every year, the building requires arobust radio communications system capable of handling the large operational and public safety requirements. RFI was tasked to design, supply, test and commission a radio rebroadcast system inside the Sydney Opera House. The system is designed to ensure consistent and reliable coverage throughout the entire building and to eliminate the potential for radio coverage black-spots.

The RFI designed system ensures consistent and reliable coverage throughout the building for critical services, such as Opera House security, operational staff as well as ambulance and fire.

  • Building wide coverage solution including concert halls, training rooms, backstage areas, loading docks and maintenance tunnels.
  • Due to the unique architectural design of the Opera House, there were limited opportunities to mount on ceilings and walls. A discrete solution was required to maintain building aesthetics. EME Signal/RF signal testing was performed in 80 internal test points throughout the Opera House to ensure the solution met the stringent standards.
  • Specialised design to address the uniqueness of the building
  • With thousands of performance also taking place the building requires a robust radio communications system capable of handling the large operational and public safety requirements.
  • Delivered on time-system tested and commissioned before New Year’s Eve Celebrations.

Key Equipment and Services RFI delivered a flexible and feature-rich rebroadcast system, utilising a comprehensive suite of their products and services, including:

  • Bi-directional Amplifiers with RFOF (RF over fibre) capability.
  • UHF DAS systems (distributed antenna system), including coupling solutions and high performing radiating cable.
  • TLA600 low profile antennas, SMD base station antennas
  • Over 600 metres of radiating cable installed throughout the Opera House
  • Coverage in-fill solutions, including in-building and low profile antennas. Low profile antennas were utilised in busy maintenance tunnels to conform to strict OH&S requirements.
  • System design, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) was also supplied.
  • The project was rolled out and completed with 0 incidents and 0 lost time injuries, keeping in line with RFI’s stringent OH&S Policies.



  • Successfully update an aging rebroadcast system with consistent and reliable coverage for critical communications in an aestheticallychallenging building. This system will ensure consistent and reliable coverage throughout the Opera House and eliminate the potential for radio coverage black-spots. In addition to the aesthetic requirements, the install also had a very tight deadline – commissioned prior to Sydney’s world famous New Year’s celebrations. With a total of 40 hours spent on site install was organised around numerous sound sensitive performances.


  • Designed and supplied an all area comms network that provide a discreet antenna system solution throughout the entire Opera House, including theaters, concert halls, corridors, basement, service alleys and plant rooms, required to maintain building aesthetics.


  • Delivered an on-time, robust radio communications system compatible to the existing UHF government radio network (GRN) and capable of handling the large operational and public safety requirements in and around the Sydney Opera House. Coverage prediction and testing services was undertaken at 80 internal test points and met the required -90dBm receive signal strength each time.
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House
Building wide DAS solution