Wireless Solutions

RFI has been working successfully with the Public Transport sector for more than 35 years. From taxis, to buses, to trains in tunnels, RFI has been creating innovative communications solutions for transport companies throughout Australia and major international cities.

Melbourne buses
Melbourne buses

Melbourne CBD buses

RFI provided the TLA4200 low profile transit antennas for a GPS-based real time passenger information system for Melbourne CBD buses. The system tracks real-time location of buses which allows real-time information to be forward on for passengers.

Rail tunnel
Rail tunnel

Asian Rapid Transportation Networks

RFI’s reputation for delivering quality products and solutions in the rapid transportation sector has resulted in significant supply to Asian rail networks including:

  • Malaysian rail network
  • Singapore LRT & MRT network
  • Taiwan High speed rail network
  • Indonesian rail network
NZ Bus Transit Network
NZ Bus Transit Network

New Zealand Bus Transit Network

RFI supplied over 1100 low profile transit antennas for mobile radio and GPS requirements. To facilitate driver communications and tracking applications in New Zealand’s two largest cities, the systems integrator utilised our antennas for system monitoring and driver location tracking

Metro rail
Metro rail

Indian Metro Networks

RFI supplied our innovative Broadband Panel antennas for various Metro projects in India. We utilised our unique R&D capabilities to deliver a specialised “corridor” antenna solution, designed specifically to suit underground rail tunnels.

Sydney Trains
Sydney Trains

Sydney Train Tunnel Coverage

Working with Optus, RFI delivered a turnkey multi-band, multi-operator 2G and 3G mobile phone solution to provide enhanced mobile phone, public safety and PMR radio coverage in some of Sydney’s most populated commuter train routes.


Monitoring railway control functions

State owned rail company for regional railway in Australia utilises rail crossing controllers to monitor the health and status of mechanism functionality and alarms such as railway crossing signals/lights/ bells and the malfunctioning of the crossing barrier.

Our client required a single 3G modem to use with multiple data loggers, in multiple communications requirements, that were previously using 2G communications. Maxon offered the Intelimax HSPA+ Serial modem as the solution.

With the transition from 2G to 3G communications, the solution included the customisation of the AT Commands in order to be compatible with the clients’ legacy control equipment.

The client deployed this solution at hundreds of regional railway crossings where accurate monitoring of crossings has ensured optimised up time and thereby reducing risk of fatalities and property damage.

Maxon was also successful in providing a solution for this customer that is compatible across multiple types of control equipment.