Public Safety

Wireless Solutions

RFI is recognised in the wireless industry as the market leading experts. We have been supplying mission critical communications to the Public Safety sector for more than 35 years.In the beginning, we fitted mobile antennas to ambulance, police and rescue vehicles throughout Australia. Today, these same organisations rely on RFI for their complete wireless solutions including antenna systems, monitoring equipment, modems and cables and connectors.

RFI solutions on the Empire State Building
RFI solutions on the Empire State Building

Global Public Safety Solutions Provider

As a global technology solutions provider in wireless Public safety solutions, we are found in networks across the globe including:

  • Brazil- delivered for the FIFA World Cup and Rio Olympics
  • Brunei- nationwide coverage
  • Fiji- nationwide coverage
  • Indonesia- ongoing network build
  • India- various public safety networks
  • Laos- critical network
  • New Zealand- all major government departments
  • PNG- various public safety networks
  • Samoa- public safety network
  • Taiwan- maritime safety communications
  • Thailand- ongoing network build
  • USA- various public safety networks
  • Vietnam- various public safety networks
Taiwanese maritime communications
Taiwanese maritime communications

Maritime Safety Communication Systems in Taiwan

Major first responder organisations in Taiwan have implemented a nationwide maritime safety communications network across 3 stages providing coverage of the complete region. RFI worked with one of the countries major systems integrators whose priority was for minimizing potential interference and maximising performance of this critical communications network was the highest priority. RFI’s low PIM Meander series antennas and PIM hardened Multicoupling Solutions were selected for the project and have provided exceptional performance outcomes.

Public saftey radio site, Malaysia
Public saftey radio site, Malaysia

Public Safety Radio Upgrade

RFI provided equipment and design services for the digital upgrade & whole of country geographic expansion of the 180 + site RMP Public Safety Radio Network. The network utilised RFI’s industry leading PIM rated base station antennas, a combination of standard and custom engineered multicoupling and combining systems and DSP based Rebroadcast Equipment.


Mobile Security Camera Solution

A major hurdle for a Mobile Security Cameras client was a limitation of knowledge and understanding about networks, IP and 3G and 4G. Apart from speed, critical attributes they required for their applications were reliability and durability.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Working with Downer group, RFI’s dedicated radio rebroadcast solutions team was tasked to replace an ageing system with one that would be compatible with the UHF Government radio network (GRN). Our team had to respond to some tight parameters – due to the unique architectural design of the Opera House, a discrete solution was also required to maintain building aesthetics and team had a tight deadline due to New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Midwest USA
Midwest USA

USA Midwest Public Safety Network

A USA Midwest public safety agency was upgrading their state-wide P25 system. The agency searched extensively for a high performance, PIM rated base station antenna solution that would enable them to operate both 700 MHz and 800 MHz services into the one antenna. The engineering team chose the RFI Corporate Collinear antennas and to date have installed over 200 CC807 series antennas.

Staging in Melbourne, Australia.
Staging in Melbourne, Australia.

Staging for Various Government Radio Networks

RFI has worked with a number of GRN radio networks and have supplied more than 550 racks, often with an aggressive schedule. RFI was chosen because we could stage large quantities of product in a short time frame while also providing RF equipment integration into the rack. RFI was able to supply the RF gear, as well as provide RF expertise for full equipment rack build, integration and testing. These racks were then integrated with RFI multicoupling equipment. RFI undertook the staging in our Melbourne manufacturing facility. The completed systems were delivered direct to sites all over Australia.  To date we have supplied 550 Racks which includes 175 RFI built Peg Racks, over 2500 channels of multicoupling, over 350 RFI Rx/Tx Monitoring Equipment ASMs, 350 RX MUXx with custom Preselector Filters.