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RFI are Australia’s largest distributor of renewable energy and have been serving the needs of commercial business for 3 decades. With more than 170 staff across Australia, RFI have extensive experience in a range of commercial solar power deployments. From site visit to system commissioning, RFI has the team, logistics and skills to ensure a successful project roll out.

EPC Project Delivery

RFI has the experience, capability resources and financial strength to offer an ‘engineer, procure and construct (EPC)’ model for solar power system project delivery. This end to end service provides a low risk, ‘turnkey’ solution for our clients.

Project Management

Often overlooked, professional project management processes are critical to the timely and effective delivery of your solar power project. RFI has a team of very experienced renewable energy project managers who have worked on both large scale solar and energy projects in Australia


Often overlooked by less experienced solar suppliers, are professional project management processes which are critical to the timely and effective delivery of your solar power project.


RFI’s team of qualified systems engineers is able to provide high quality system design from the leading design software packages and backed by our many years of experience. Additionally, electrical single line diagrams are available as well as wind and load certification for roof mounted arrays.


RFI’s deep expertise in energy system design has come from years of experience. RFI is technically capable having worked with remote telecommunications sites, to large scale government and corporate facility designs. Our knowledge of system installation is unmatched.


RFI is technology agnostic and chose from a range of products to design the optimum system for the client’s requirements. We carefully choose and match the best components to provide the best system outcomes. RFI also provides an EPC (engineer, procure and construct) providing contracting simplicity and greatly reduced risk for our clients.
B-BOX LV Residential

Energy Storage Solutions (ESS)

Over the last century, the energy storage industry has continued to evolve and adapt to changing energy requirements and advances in technology. Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are now an integral part of our energy supply.

Energy storage systems provide a wide array of technological approaches to managing our power supply in order to create a more resilient energy infrastructure and bring cost savings to utilities and consumers. RFI provides integrated solutions for residential, industrial & commercial scale projects, for on-grid and off-grid systems.


Industrial Applications

Industrial solar applications are virtually endless. Photovoltaic powered communication systems, production plants, factories, satellite ground stations, radio transceivers, lighting in local suburban parks and even road signs and school crossing signs. Our deep industry understanding and knowledge of solar applications and componentry, means we adapt quickly to the needs and requirements of the market. In doing so, we continue to retain and grow our reputation as the industry experts.

Solar Schools Programme

RFI undertook the deployment grid-connected solar systems for schools in remote regions of WA. Deployment of solar systems in remote regions of WA was a considerable challenge.

RFI was successful in engaging local subcontractors to install these systems within budget & time frames. Processes established internally at RFI for project management, communication, reporting, subcontractor performance evaluation & management and HS&E performance played a key role in a successful project outcome for the WA Government and the WA schools.



Diesel Hybrid Systems

Solar hybrid power systems are hybrid power systems that combine solar power from a photovoltaic system with another power generating energy source. A common type is a photovoltaic diesel hybrid system, combining photovoltaics (PV) and diesel generators, or diesel gensets, as PV has hardly any marginal cost and is treated with priority on the grid. The diesel systems are used to constantly fill in the gap between the present load and the actual generated power by the PV system. The best business cases for diesel reduction with solar and wind energy can normally be found in remote locations because these sites are often not connected to the grid and transport of diesel over long distances is expensive

Mt W Rptr Site (2)

Remote Radio Sites

This exciting project for NSW Police was one of 22 sites to make the transition from analogue to digital signal processing for their radio communications sites. RFI provided the design & supply for all 22 & a full turnkey solution for the 7 most complex sites, to meet higher energy demands. The sites are off-grid, standalone & the upgrade included lead acid battery storage, regulators & a customised mounting frame to meet site specific requirements. The system size totals to 43kW.