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RFI attends AgQuip 2017

Thank you to everyone who visited us at AgQuip 2017 in Gunnedah, NSW. RFI has been exhibiting at AgQuip for more than 25 years. It is an excellent place for us to showcase our solar and IoT technology solutions to the bush.    The team were kept busy over the 3 days with product spotlights, on solar and battery storage, monitoring and control and wireless communications. This was the first year we brought our Maxon range of modems to the show. See you all next year!

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Expanded Panel Antenna Range

RFI's Panel Antenna Range

We are pleased to further expand our panel antenna range with the release of the new BPA7496 series panel antenna, covering 746-960MHz, complementing the existing BPA3338 and BPA3843 ranges presently covering 330-430MHz. The BPA7496 series panel antennas are available in various horizontal beamwidth and gain options, and are ideal for applications requiring ‘corridor’, sectored, or other directional network coverage requirements, they are also well suited to diversity receiver applications requiring multiple antennas. RFI BPA series panel antennas feature  0-10° site-adaptable mounting capability and the inclusion of 2-12° adjustable electrical tilt (MET) on the BPA7496 series, catering for the many varying site requirements that exist today. To further satisfy high-performance network demands, all RFI BPA panel antennas provide excellent -150dBc PIM performance, 25kW PIP rating and a 500-watt power handling to cater for the demands of multi-carrier network deployment requirements. Models are available featuring up to 15dBi of gain, and up to 180° of horizontal beamwidth.

Key Features

  • Ideal for highly populated sites, or sites requiring “corridor” or sectored coverage
  • Excellent PIM rating (-150dBc) providing low IM and low noise characteristics for optimum performance
  • 2-10° Electrical downtilt, manually adjustable on the BPA7496 series
  • Mechanical tilt mounting brackets supplied providing up to 10° of mechanical tilt
  • DC grounded for superior lightning protection


RFI’s panel antenna solution has been used across the globe in various applications including:

  • Indian Metro Rail Networks- used for the metro rail system’s radio network, providing sectored coverage down rail corridors.
  • Indonesian SCADA networks- used for a telemetry application, providing directional network coverage.

The Range

RFI now covers from 330-430MHz in 65° beamwidth and 746-960MHz in 180° and 120 ° directional panel antenna models, in varying gain from 7dBi to15dBi.



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RFI Secures New M5 Tunnel Radio Rebroadcast Contract

RFI  Secures the New M5 Tunnel Radio Rebroadcast Contract

RF Industries Pty Ltd announced that it has been recently awarded a contract for the radio rebroadcast component of the WestConnex New M5 project in Sydney, Australia. This is the second contract relating to WestConnex that has been awarded to RFI.

The New M5 tunnel is a major component in Stage 2 of the WestConnex project, a key and critical element of the New South Wales (NSW) Government’s integrated transport solution. The project  will provide twin underground motorway tunnels, nine kilometres long, from Kingsgrove to a new St Peters Interchange, more than doubling capacity of the M5 East corridor, and substantially improving east-west access between the Sydney CBD, Port Botany and Sydney Airport and the South West growth areas.

RFI has provided radio systems for many tunnels throughout Australia and internationally. For the New M5 project, RFI will deliver detailed services encompassing the design, manufacture, integration and commissioning of the radio rebroadcast systems for the project.

RFI’s CEO Scott Magee commented “We are excited to be awarded this contract and to further our involvement in the WestConnex project. Our Australian manufactured solutions will now be implemented across the M4 and M5 tunnel sections of the WestConnex Motorway, showcasing RFI’s locally engineered technology solutions on a large scale as well as creating Australian manufacturing and services jobs. Both projects demonstrate Australian engineering talent as being truly world class”.

RFI designs and manufactures global technology solutions from manufacturing facilities in Victoria and South Australia.  We have Australia’s largest RF products manufacturing facility, producing world class antenna, multicoupling systems and active electronics products for both the domestic and international markets, and we are the only Australian manufacturer of feature-rich rebroadcast system products, which will be deployed in the New M5 tunnel project.

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X10DR 2.0. The Next generation

What is the X10DR?

The X10DR® (“Extender”) is revolutionary patented secure wireless microphone that liberates the way you communicate with your two way mobile radio. Finally, you can cut the cord from the vehicle mobile radio and stay in communication up to hundreds of meters from the vehicle. The X10DR® takes the power, range and stability of a mobile radio, right into the palm of your hand or sitting comfortably on your shoulder. The X10DR® enables team members to communicate back to base and amongst other team members onsite, via the vehicle mounted mobile radio. The X10DR® is durable, lightweight, affordable and intuitive to use. Finally, mobile radio users can stay in communication out of the vehicle with ease, comfort and security.

X10DR 2.0. The Next Generation.

The new X10DR versions now allow you to talk up to 500 metres from your vehicle. Introducing the next generation models: X10DR Elite and X10DR Pro. X10DR is a complete mission critical solution that unleashes the power of your mobile radio.


How does X10DR Work?


What are the versions available?

elite model
  • Designed to meet the stringent demands of mission critical users
  • Ruggedized Elite models feature 128Bit AES encryption to provide the highest levels of voice security.
  • Engineered to provide IP67 waterproof compliance.
  • The elite model can be connected to special function boxes to allow dual radio access/control operation.
  • Elite gateways can be used to provide an ‘in-car monitor’ function or alternatively, can be used as a public address system.
  • Control buttons on the base of the gateway provide independent volume settings.
  • The Elite model uniquely also provides a capability for a dual handset setup where 2 secure microphones can operate simultaneously with a single gateway for a lower cost setup. This dual connectivity capability means that the cost of a second gateway as well as the antenna, junction box and interface cables are not incurred. A mobile charger is available for the second handset in these situations.
  • The latest incarnation of the patented well proven ‘out of vehicle’ X10DR communications solution.
  • Providing all existing X10DR established ‘out of vehicle’ capabilities, multiple 2nd generation X10DR devices can now be connected to a common mobile radio via a low-cost junction box allowing users to choose to either talk over the radio channel or alternatively, just talk locally “off-net” to other X10DR users sharing the same mobile radio.
  • All voice communications plus system alert tones from the mobile radio and other connected X10DR users are audible at all times ensuring users are totally connected.
  • The X10DR Classic model is intended for deployment into existing 1st generation X10DR-XU1 fleets.
  • This “legacy” model has been configured such that the secure microphone looks operationally identical to previously provided X10DR-XU1 devices so as to maintain common user operational knowledge and functionality.
  • Note: Classic X10DR-XU2 secure microphones and X10DR-XU1 secure microphones will only work with their respective series matching gateway units. Wireless Pacific recommends using Elite or Pro models for new X10DR system deployments.
  • For Classic versions of the X10DR-XX1 series please contact RFI.

Learn More

RFI has a comprehensive range of videos, brochures and applications notes to download.

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Greg Young Joins RFI Board

International Telecom CEO, Greg Young, Joins RFI Board

RFI Technology Solutions have added a key resource to the RFI Board in the addition of Greg Young as an independent Non-executive Director. Mr. Young recently returned to Australia in 2017 having spent the past decade in global telecom positions. For the past three years Mr. Young served as CEO of Ooredoo Oman where he led a dramatic uplift in share price, market share, revenue and profit.  Now one of largest companies on the Oman stock exchange with some $1 Billion in annual revenues from mobile, fixed and international services the company boasts world class infrastructure to support an ongoing growth strategy. This was Mr. Young’s second global CEO position having spent 4 years leading a turnaround at  Sri Lanka Telecom. Prior to this he served in Telecom engineering roles as Vice President of Product Management at Qualcomm headquartered in San Diego, USA, as Chief Technology Officer for the Indian CDMA operator Tata Teleservices overseeing explosive subscriber growth in a Pan-Indian network and technical leadership roles within Telstra prior to leaving Australia. The Chairman of RFI, Bruce Crane said in welcoming Mr. Young “Greg brings great technical and executive leadership skills to the RFI Board and just enough history and personal experience with our business to make it a great fit.  Having maintained contact with RFI for more than 30 years it’s great to be able to welcome Greg to the business knowing he will bring so much to the Board table to help us succeed.”

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RFI attends Connect Comms Sydney 2017

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit us at Connect Comms Sydney in June. 

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RFI Secures M4 Tunnel Radio Rebroadcast Contract

Sydney, Australia RF Industries Pty Ltd has received the contract to carry out the design, manufacture, integration and commissioning of the radio and mobile phone rebroadcast systems for the WestConnex New M4 project in Sydney, Australia.

WestConnex is Australia’s largest transport infrastructure project and is a key element of the New South Wales (NSW) Government’s integrated transport solution. The New M4 is the first tunnel section of WestConnex.  Seven kilometres in length, the New M4 will join the new widened M4 at Homebush Bay Drive and includes a 5.5 kilometre tunnel with three lanes in each direction from Homebush to Parramatta Road and the City West Link, Haberfield.  It will handle a projected average of 132,400 cars a day by 2031.

Project contractors CPB John Holland Samsung JV partners have extensive experience in tunnelling and major infrastructure delivery. On the New M4 tunnel project they have partnered with RFI who have delivered radio and mobile phone rebroadcast systems for many tunnels throughout Australia and internationally. RFI’s CEO Scott Magee said this contract award is the result of a lengthy and detailed contribution from our Australian engineering, manufacturing and services teams.

We are proud to be contributing to such a globally significant project, one that is set to have a positive impact on Sydney’s road network for generations to come. Obviously the real work now begins however we are genuinely excited to be involved in such a high profile and critical infrastructure project. Our technology solution incorporates RFI’s Australian manufactured rebroadcast solutions, and that means we are creating much needed manufacturing and services jobs right here in Australia“, Magee said.

He added, “Moreover this selection allows RFI to showcase the only Australian manufactured solutions for AM/FM and mobile radio rebroadcast, and provides the New M4 project the capability to support emerging digital technologies such as digital broadcast radio (DAB).  With the award of this contract, RFI further demonstrates its position as a leading technology solutions provider in Australia with RFI manufactured solutions in Sydney’s M2, Sydney Harbour and Lane Cove tunnels, Melbourne’s CityLink and Eastlink tunnels,  the Clem7 and Airport Link  tunnels in Brisbane, and the Tugun and Byron Bay tunnels – just to name a few.”

RFI designs and manufactures global technology solutions from manufacturing facilities in Victoria and South Australia. We have Australia’s largest RF products manufacturing facility, producing world class antenna, multicoupling systems and active electronics products for both the domestic and international markets, and we are the only Australian manufacturer of feature-rich rebroadcast system products, such as will be deployed in the New M4 tunnel project.

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The NEW LTE MIMO Low Profile Multi-band Series

RFI's global-leading LTE Antenna Product Range

RFI Technology Solutions is excited to introduce a new range of Low Profile LTE/MIMO multiband antennas to further expand our mobile and terminal antenna offering. The new LTE-MHP is a multi-band LTE/WIFI MIMO & GPS Low Profile Antenna. This uniquely designed antenna incorporates 5 antennas in a single, ruggedized low profile housing. The antenna includes:

  • Two (MIMO) multi-band feeds covering LTE/4G/3G
  • Two (MIMO) dual band WiFI antennas covering both 2.4GHZ and 5 GHZ
  • One high performance active GPS antenna

The attractive low profile housing is IP65 compliant for mounting in internal, external and mobile environments. Main applications include industrial vehicles, M2M and other IoT applications requiring a range of radio technologies.

What is Long-Term Evolution (LTE)? LTE is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals which are based on the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA technologies. It increases the capacity and speed using a different radio interface together with core network improvements. Different LTE frequencies and bands used in different countries mean that only multi-band hardware and antennas which are able to use LTE in all countries where it is supported.

LMHP Series Configurations

The LMHP antenna is available in multiple configurations including:

Any Band. Any Application. Anywhere.

The LMHP series is a part of RFI’s global-leading range of LTE antennas. The LTE series of antennas are compatible with an enormous variety of hardware from various manufacturers and networks. Our antennas have been developed to help users maintain a dependable data connection and fast transfer speeds wherever they are in the world and whatever the application.

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RFI attends CeBIT 2017

At this year’s CeBIT exhibition, RFI showcased:
  • New Maxon Intelimax 4G Lite – Australia’s first 4G CAT1
  • Our New expandable modem – the most diverse modem in the industry
  • Maxon range of MaXcloud Services
  • RFI range of IOT/M2M network wireless solutions
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RFI attends IWCE 2017

IW17 Logo Tagline

Thank you to everyone who visited us at IWCE 2017 in Las Vegas, the 40th anniversary of the premier global event for communications technology.


The team were kept busy over the 2 days with great discussions on our range of Technology solutions, including the NEW tower top amplifier and innovative LTE antenna range.

We look forward to the 2018 event on March 7-8, being held in Orlando, Florida!

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